6 Unique things to do in Cape Town

things to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Town
things to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Town


6 Unique things to do in Cape Town

If you truly want to escape and enjoy a beautiful destination, the answer is definitely Cape Town. It’s filled with gorgeous beaches with beautiful sand. A majestic mountain that provides a picturesque view.And hiking trails that'll take your breath away.

Cape Town has a laid back, tranquil feel to it. You’re forced to relax and enjoy the beauty around you. You’ll easily find yourself never wanting to leave.

Here are a few things you could get up to while in Cape Town.


Galileo open air cinema

Have you ever wished you were outside enjoying the cool warm night air while engrossed in an amazing movie? Well with Galileo cinema you can have the best of both worlds. You get to watch movies under the night sky with the stars twinkling in the background. What could be more beautiful than chilling with family and friends while watching a movie outside with blankets wrapped around you? Galileo cinema offers all this and more.

There are also food stalls where you can get food. The combination of mouth-watering food, good company and a fun movie will be sure to make for an unforgettable evening with your friends.


Sea Point promenade

If you’re looking for something active and unique to do, why not try going for a tango every second Sunday, and get your groove on at the promenade. Going dancing can make for a very fun date, even if  you spend the day clumsily stepping on each other's toes and laughing the night away.

The promenade also offers other things, for example, If you don’t feel like going to the beach, you can try the swimming pools. There are also food stalls where you can spoil your taste buds with tantalising burgers, healthy sandwiches or delicious ice creams that melt in your mouth from a mobile vendor.


Route 44

If you’re a foodie and love unique items, this market is for you. You can spend a whole day having fun out in the sun trying out new foods. You’ll be surrounded by lush green vineyards and trees that’ll surely leave you in awe. There are many treasures that you’ll find, such as jewellery and clothes. You’ll also be spoiled for choice with the variety of food you can choose from. And there’s also a lot of entertainment for your kids to enjoy, so they can have some fun too.



Visit Muizenberg and enjoy a fun day in the sun. You can take your family and enjoy the warm water at the beach. Or you could go to the restaurants have amazing food or coffee while you’re surrounded by breathtaking views of the ocean. And you could take pictures by the iconic Muizenberg beach houses that are unique and colourful.

Nothing says tranquil like the sound of an ocean breeze and being surrounded by absolute beauty. And if you’re feeling really energised, you could hire a bicycle and cycle along the beach. There are so many things to do in Muizenberg that you could end up spending a whole day just enjoying all the activities.


Table Mountain

The magnificent mountain provides a stunning backdrop to Cape Town. There’s a cable car that takes you up to the top of the mountain. Or, if you want to be more active, you can hike the mountain. The climb will be worth the view. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll have the best experience on the mountain as you explore it. And when you get to the top, you can feast your eyes not only on the beauty but the wildlife that roams around the area. It’s so surreal that it feels like you’re in a painting.


Chart farm

Wynberg provides a little treasure where you can pick beautiful roses. If you want to impress someone who loves roses, this is the place to take them. They’ll be spoiled for choice and get to pick the exact buds they want. It gives you the opportunity to be creative and make your own little bouquet. It’ll be a perfect day, being surrounded by absolute beauty.


How to stay safe while travelling

Make sure that you’re covered by a medical aid because you don’t know what might happen. You could get injured on a climb, get food poisoning or end up with the flu. What could be worse than planning for months for a trip than having to stay in bed all day because you’re sick and don’t have the energy to move. There are many medical healthcare solutions out in the market that could provide the benefits you need.

Make sure that your documents such as passport, identity document, plane tickets are stored in a safe area in your hotel.You also need to make sure you store important emergency numbers that you might need.

There are so many fun-filled activities in Cape Town that you can’t be bored. Cape town caters for your needs whether you love trying out new things or you just love the calm of reading a book and listening to the ocean waves, you will always have something to do. Taking a trip to Cape Town is something you’ll not regret as you may be even introduced to new foods and fresh experiences.

things to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Townthings to do - Cape Town